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Hii guys and gals,
I am indebted to you for clicking this link. I hope this is worth your time.

Well, I am an engineering student by choice.
I am a hostel inmate.
I am obsessed with this blog and writing in general.
Writing is my escape from the daily commmotion.
I am a Facebook addict.
I am a professional procrastinator.

It would be flattering receiving messages, followers, suggestions, appreciation or maybe even a depreciation.

Anyway, here are some links...

Drop a message for Alok Sharma on Facebook. Or follow my Facebook Page Timepass !!.

Follow me on Twitter for some randomly amusing tweets (some of them may not make any sense). I go by the name
Alok Sharma @_aloksharma .

... or just drop an e-mail at alok.sharma104@gmail.com.

Thank You !!

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