Sunday, 6 August 2017

One Less Stranger

It's your turn to read a part of the chapter in class, aloud. As the sudden mention of your name forces you back to reality, taking a break from your daydream, you have no clue why the rest of the class is staring into their books with such devotion, or at which part.

The teacher is getting restless. The book is not interesting enough anymore as you've started attracting attention. You could feel a fit of laughter rising in everyone throats. The class clown already has prepared a few darts of mockery to throw at you that would endear him to the masses.

Mercy from strangers is a luxury on your first day at a new school, or life. Your legs, that once plead allegiance to your body, refuse to fight gravity as they begin crumbling. You somehow keep standing, now in everyone's line of sight.

She turns back, her finger points at an unfamiliar spot on a page. She looks at you for a split second, with a definite amount of pity and turns back to face the teacher again. That was your cue to begin reading. The book, the chapter were interesting again. With the loss of a disgruntled class clown, you staved off a mishap, for a little while at least.

There was no exchange of "Thanks, you're welcome." There was no gratitude expressed. There was no gratitude expected either, even as she risked the teacher's fuming stare.

It was the beginning of a friendship, that was to meet an abrupt, unfortunate end one day.

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